x-y=3 in slope intercept form and find x and y intercepts​

Accepted Solution

Answer:x intercept is x=3y intercept is y=-3Step-by-step explanation:We can write this equation in a simpler way to find the values needed. Lets do it. Take:x-y=3And sum y in both sides, as we know the equality will maintain:x-y+y=3+yx = 3+ yNow subtract 3 in both sides:x-3 = y+3-3x-3=ySo, we can rewrite our equation as y=x-3The x intercept is a value of x such that the equation in equal to zero; in other words, is the value of x when y is zero. It is also called a zero root. Graphically, its the x value when the function passes trough the x-axis. Lets find if, we nned that:x-3 = 0If we sum 3 in both sides:x-3+3=3x=3So, x=3 is x interceptFor finding the y intercept we need the value of y when x is zero. Graphically, is the value of y obtained when the function passes trough the y-axis. So, replace x with 0:0-3=yy=-3Another way to get it is knowing that the y intercept in a polynomial is always the independent term, the one that has no x or y, which in this case is -3.