A consumer organization estimates that over a​ 1-year period 20​% of cars will need to be repaired​ once, 5​% will need repairs​ twice, and 1​% will require three or more repairs. If you own two​ cars, what is the probability that ​a) neither will need​ repair? ​b) both will need​ repair? ​c) at least one car will need​ repair?

Accepted Solution

Answer:a) 0.5476b) 0.0676c) 0.4524Step-by-step explanation:Given this information, we can conclude that 74% of the cars won't need any repairs over a 1-year period (100 - 20 - 5 - 1 = 74%). And 26% will need at least 1 repair over a 1-year period. P(car doesn't need repair) = 0.74P (car needs repair) = 0.26If you own two cars, the probability that:a) Neither will need repair:We need that car 1 won't need repair AND car 2 won't need repair.=P(Car 1 doesn't need repair) x P(Car 2 doesn't need repair)= 0.74 x 0.74 = 0.5476 The probability that neither will need repair is 0.5476.b) Both will need repair:We need that car 1 needs repair AND car 2 needs repair.P(Car 1 needs repair) x P(Car 2 needs repair) = 0.26 x 0.26 = 0.0676The probability that both will need repair is 0.0676c) At least one car will need repairCar 1 needs repair or Car 2 needs repair or both need repair.To solve this one, it's easier to use the complement of P(neither needs repair)1 - P(neither needs repair)1 - (0.74)(0.74)  = 1 - 0.5476 = 0.4524 The probability that at least one car will need repair is 0.4524